24 April 2010

Chemical Kinetics and Chemical Equilibrium

We've learned about balancing Chemical reactions, but we haven't talked about HOW FAST they are, or, when all is said and done, HOW MUCH of the reactants are left, and HOW MUCH product is produced.
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  • HOW FAST they run is part of the study of Reaction rate, or CHEMICAL KINETICS.
  • HOW MUCH product is produced, and how much of the reactants is left, is part of the study of
  • Chemical EQUILIBRIUM.
Start by considering the difference in reaction rates between Iron rusting and Wood burning...

READ the following section of our CHEMISTRY textbook to learn more about
(1) Chemical equilibrium and
(2) Chemical Kinetics
DEFINE each of these phrases in your own words.
GIVE an EXAMPLE of why each of these phrases is important if you are a chemist.

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